Guinevere Turner was responsible for writing (with Rose Troche) the – huge – lesbian hit movie “Go Fish” way back in 1994. She also played the character Max West in that movie. From there she started a career primarily in writing, acting, directing and producing. She’s starred in many movies and projects, including – but not restricted to – The Watermelon Woman, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Preaching to the Perverted, Dante’s View, American Psycho and more.

Her close friendship with director Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks, Dogma etc) led to her having a small part in the movie Chasing Amy. Chasing Amy was allegedly inspired by Kevin Smiths producer, Scott Mosiers fantasy of having a relationship with Guinevere Turner.

She has had small roles in movies such as Latin Boys Go To Hell, Kiss Me Guido, Dogma, Treasure Island (Sundance Favourite, Directed by Scott King), The Fluffer and many short films. She has given her vocal talents to the voices of a Barbie Doll in the movie The Safety Of Objects (Directed by Rose Troche) and also to Rick and Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All The World.

Guin Turner is more recently well known for her adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’s novel “American Psycho” in which she also had a small part and came to a rather gruesome end. She has also worked on Dantes View, Stray Dogs, Pipe Dream, Preaching To The Perverted, Junk, Seahorses, Hummer and is at the moment said to be working on a few other projects including the long rumored Go Fish 2.

Guin also wrote and starred in “The L Word”, Showtimes hot lesbian drama where she played the part of Gabby Deveaux. The L Word has been one of the more discussed and welcomed shows on TV for some time and was renewed very early on in the first season and eventually saw a full six season run before it ended in 2009. Guin Turner was an integral part of the production of the show as she wrote many of the episodes.

As well as all of this Guin wrote the script for the movie “BloodRayne” which is based on the video game of the same title, it’s just a shame Guin was unaware that anything video gaming Director Uwe Boll touches turns to poop. Guin mentioned in an interview that approximately only 20% of what she actually wrote made it to the screen. This probably explains why 80% of that film was so dire. Guin also co-wrote “The Ballad of Bettie Page” starring Gretchen Moll, a project she was linked with for over a decade.

Guinevere Turner is a great writer, actress and more, she will no doubt continue to be a lesbian role model for many. Needless to say we are big fans of her work and aim to keep you up to date with all she’s doing.