Creeps: A darkly comedic feature by Guinevere Turner

This is your opportunity to help out Guinevere Turner! For all those many hours you have enjoyed Guin’s work, it’s now time to give back. Guin is trying to raise money to make an awesome indie movie called “Creeps”, which she will write and direct.

They’re trying to raise $200,000 and only have 35 or so days left to do it. Even if you can only afford $5, every little bit helps. There are some awesome perks for your contribution at the indiegogo page for “Creeps” the movie project.

You can check out more info on Guin’s project “Creeps” by visiting the official website and you can also head over to the indiegogo page for “Creeps” and donate! Come on people, let’s help make this project a reality!

CreepsTheMovie Official Website
Creeps on Indiegogo