Guin talks about BloodRayne in Tales from the Script – Video

As a huge fan of gaming and the “BloodRayne” franchise, we looked forward to the “BloodRayne” movie. When we heard Guin was penning the script it was like the gaming gods and movie gods had answered a prayer, this was going to be epic. We then heard Uwe Boll was making it… that wasn’t so good, given his record, but Guin’s involvement gave us hope. The movie released, Tracy bought the DVD of course (she buys EVERYTHING Guin works on out of loyalty lol), we got our popcorn and we watched it… oh boy… WTF? Anyone that’s seen it probably thinks the same thing, it’s not the best really is it. Guin talks about the process of working with Uwe Boll on the movie… and now we know what we thought anyway … Uwe Boll is a bit nuts.