Hooters by Anna Margarita Albelo features Guin as it’s the making of The Owls

We thought we’d give you the heads up on “Hooters” by filmaker Anna Margarita Albelo. Hooters (USA) is essentially a documentary on the making of Cheryl Dunye’s film The Owls, which of course stars Guin. Hooters looks at The Owls from the workshop days of the film, all the way to its final day of shooting. Albelo’s alias la Chocha sneaks around the set of The Owls and although a little self indulgent at times, it does give some interesting insight into the process as well as gender theory and more.

“The folks on-screen (ranging from Guinevere Turner to Sarah Schulman) are smart, funny and sometimes just bitchy — a tribute to Margarita’s skill in fostering trust and intimacy that impels her subjects to give her no-holds-barred access. (E.H.)”

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