Guin to be Special Guest a Viscera Film Festival 2010

The Viscera 2010 Women’s Film Festival has Guin listed as one of their guests. Along with Guin, guests include: Brea Grant (Heroes, Halloween II), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, How to Love Like A Hot Chick) and Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drones). Guin is listed as a “Special guest in attendance” with others in that class named as Juliet Landau (Angel, Ed Wood), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp series), Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary), Jessica Harper (Suspiria), Micheline Pitt (PinUp Girl Clothing), A.J. Bowen (The Signal, Hatchet 2), Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon, The Pirate Movie), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects, Police Academy), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) , Joe Dante (Gremlins), and Allison Anders (Gas, Food, Lodging). You can find out loads more information at the official Viscera Film Festival. It’s booked at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, CA for July 17th, 2010.