Little Mutinies – Guin Turner Workography

Little Mutinies -:- Actor (2008)
Ginger, a gifted girl when she was young, struggles to teach her daughters how to make a place in the world without standing out. Ruth, angry, biting and in love, plots an escape from her interment in the RV. Carol, challenged with insight into physics and numbers, reaches toward both her mother and her sister for support and finds she may have to make her own way out.

Yes Guin plays the mom! Now tell me you don’t feel old.

(Credited cast)
Guinevere Turner … Ginger

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Zehra Berkman … Ms. Needlebaum
Natasha Matteson … Ruth
Hallie Sekoff
Jessica Tom … Julie

Screenplay By: Angie Powers & Elizabeth Stark
Directed By: Elizabeth Stark & Angie Powers
Produced By: Vivian Giournous, Sara St. Martin Lynne, Elizabeth Stark

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