Hung – Guin Turner Workography

Hung -:- Writer / Actor / Director
Five lesbians, a magic potion, something they never expected from sunrise to sunset….

Living in a world that seems rife with phallic symbols, five lesbian friends take a teaspoon each of a concoction from Prague that will give them, for only one day, a penis. Next morning, the cock crows and the women seek men’s experiences: they measure and compare, pee standing up, and look for women who’ll sleep with them.

At the end of the day, they gather to compare scores. It’s a jungle out there.
Synopsis written by jhailey via imdb.

(Credited cast)
Yolonda Ross … Roxy
Rachael C. Smith … Ellie
Deak Evgenikos … Spike
Guinevere Turner … Ruby
Heather Cassils … Dale
Taylor Russell … Steve
Aimee Graham … Girl on Bench
Liz Wu … Girl in Hardware Store
Katrina Phillips … Girl in Hardware Store
Krista Hartling … Girl in Hardware Store

Directed by Guinevere Turner
Written by Guinevere turner