Frozen Smile – Guin Turner Workography

Frozen Smile -:- Actor
Franny’s husband has just died after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Her daughter, Clarice and granddaughter, Deak, have arrived for the lonely funeral. They chat briefly about how life was with him.

The last months of his life were spent with a rare smile on his face which Franny liked as a change, even though it was only caused by the disease ‘freezing’ it there. Although at first there is inevitable tension between the three women, as the afternoon draws on they reconcile some differences and reaffirm their bonds. Synopsis written by kwedgwood

(Credited cast)
Michele Tannen … Clarice
Leigh Rose … Franny
Deak Evgenikos … Deak
Tobby Huss … Harry
Guinevere Turner … Woman at grave

Director Silas Howard
Written by Silas Howard

We can find no further information on this project, it is not even listed in Howard’s view reel.

Here’s the short in full thanks to YouTube user theblackunisex