Tales from the Script – with Guin Turner

It’s been an age since we had something concrete to update you all with. Today though news that Guin is taking part in a new documentary titled “Tales from the Script”. The Doco will feature a multitude of scriptwriters as they wax lyrical about their misadventures in the script writing world.

As Variety reports:
 “All scriptwriters with even modest tenures in Hollywood have hilarious/horrifying anecdotes about the crass, craven, insecure, insane, inept, insincere, two-faced and just plain idiotic people in the film business who, unfortunately for them, have more power than they do. If they’re good with words, which they are supposed to be, writers can go all night long one-upping each other with outrageous stories of artistry ignored and erudition undone by the vulgarity of agents, executives and the marketplace.”

The film is expected to hit festivals, get a DVD release later in the year and even have an accompanying book.

Via [Variety].

Official Website: Tales From the Script .org