Q and A with Guin Turner for GuinTurner.com – Oct 1999

Well here we are again, and the lovely Guinevere has managed to fit us into her very busy schedule and answer the guinfans mailing list questions. Basically we asked the members of our Guin mailing list to post any questions they would ask Guin given the opportunity (or for people to email us with them). We had a great response and here are some of the answers Guin gave….

This questionaire took place Oct/Nov 1999.

M&M: What height are you?
GT: I am five feet two inches. It’s so funny that that is the most popular question! I am mortified at how short I am and I always wear heels. I love being in movies because it makes you look taller. I can’t tell you how many times people have expressed surprise at my stature in person. The director of Preaching to the Perverted told me that at one screening, a guy came out at the end and said “Where did you find such a tall woman?!” I loved that.

M&M: Do you ever visit any internet chat rooms or use ICQ or mIRC?
GT: When I first got my computer I went into chat rooms all the time, but it got kind of boring and time consuiming after a while. Plus I spend so much time in front of the computer for work that I get panicky and have to go outside. What is ICQ and mIRC? Is it a U.K. internet thing, or am I just way out of the loop?

M&M: What is the best movie you’ve seen recently and have you seen Blair Witch? If so, as an independent movie maker, what do you think of it and its sucess?
GT: God I’ve been seeing some crappy movies lately. I really liked “The Sixth Sense,” – it surprised me with how good it was. I can’t wait to see “Boys Don’t Cry,” have you heard about it? It is a fictionalization of the story of Brandon Teena, the girl who posed as a boy a few years back. Friends who have seen it say that it’s great. Yes I’ve seen Blair Witch. – i think it’s really good and quite scary. I think on the one hand it’s great that it did so well – inspiring and original and unexpected – I love it when the little guy wons.

On the other hand I think it will feed into the whole industry in a potentially negative way, meaning that every wannabe filmmaker who’s in it for the attention and the money is going to feel all the greedier, and also that every distributor is also going to have dollar signs in their eyes, desperate to discover “the next Blair Witch.” What’s interesting about it all to me, also, is that it is a fascinating example of the power of the Internet. The web site was famous way before the movie came out. When they test screened the film (before it came out) in the Midwest, where they thought it might not do very well, there was a line around the block an hour before the screening – all from the Internet.

M&M: What is your favourite drink, alcoholic or non?
GT: My favorite drink is the martini, preferably with Ketel One vodka, straight up, dirty with olives.

M&M: Is there any possibility of you writing a novel or a non-fiction book?
GT: There is a 100% possibility of me writing a novel. Or twelve. I’m just figuring I can wait until I’m old and tired (or more old and more tired) to get started on that – so I’m focusing on movies now. Also when I write novels I really want to have enough money to write them at my own pace – not on a deadline and not with anyone else’s opinion being something I have to listen to.

M&M: How do you feel about the fact that some people have pictures of you on their walls etc?
GT: I feel good about people having pictures of me on their walls. I’m grateful for the success that I’ve had, and thrilled that some people have responded to stuff I’ve done. I got an e-mail from a drunken girl in Ireland who said that she thought I was a great writer – not such a great actress, but she still wanted to fuck me. That I don’t like so much.

M&M: If you were a guest on Jerry Springer, what is the most likely title of that particular episode?
GT: Jerry Springer – god I hate that show and everything it represents. I think mine would be called “Who likes Jerry?” and it would be people who love and hate the show, and lots of yelling but ultimatley Jerry would get physically attacked. I’d like to take out a couple of those creepy bouncers too. I guess none of that would make sense, because I’d be doing just what I hate him for. I can’t think of anything else, though – I mean I can, but it would be about friends and family and they could read this and get pissed. (I know some of my friends would read that and say “Oh please, like I check your websites every day.”) Sorry for this totally boring answer.

M&M: Whats happening with the Bettie Page project?
GT: Bettie is theoretically director Mary Harron’s next project. She is finishing up final stuff on American Psycho and then we are going to concentrated on doing the last touched on the script. There is now another Bettie Page project in the works, with Martin Scorcese set ot direct and Liv Tyler to play Bettie. They don’t have a script yet, though, so if we hurry it up we can be first.

M&M: What are you doing to celebrate the Millenium, where will you be when the clock strikes 12?
GT: When the clock strikes 12 I will be on the beach in Rio with a bunch of friends. I can’t wait – I’ve never been there.

M&M: If you could describe your ideal dream woman what would she be like?
GT: Oh, the dream woman. Hmmm- really just smart, independent, funny (or at least thinks I’m funny) and devastatingly good looking. Hopefully has some amazing skill and doesn’t work in movies. And likes to go to parties and go out at night, but doesn’t need me to be by her side for the whole evening.