Dogma – Guin Turner Workography

Dogma -:- Actor
Once upon a time, in the late 20th century, existence was almost snuffed out without a trace. This is the premise of Kevin Smith’s comic fantasia DOGMA, which unfolds the fiercely funny adventures of a group of mortal humans and surreal supernatural beings as they make a pilgrimage to New Jersey to stop the accidental apocalypse any which way they can.

Cast overview, first billed only:

Matt Damon …. Loki
Ben Affleck …. Bartleby
Bud Cort …. John Doe Jersey
Barret Hackney …. Stygian Triplet
Jared Pfennigwerth …. Stygian Triplet
Kitao Sakurai …. Stygian Triplet
George Carlin …. Cardinal Ignatius Glick
Betty Aberlin …. Nun
Dan Etheridge …. St. Stephen’s Priest
Linda Fiorentino …. Bethany Sloane
Derek Milosavljevic …. Kissing Man
Lesley Braden …. Kissing Woman
Marie Elena O’Brien …. Clinic Girl (scenes deleted)
Brian O’Halloran …. Grant Hicks (as Brian Christopher O’Halloran)
Janeane Garofalo …. Liz
Guinevere Turner …. Bus Station Attendant

Dogma is a Kevin Smith movie.

Tracy’s thoughts on this movie
Ahhhh Dogma…… the movie that I saw purely to see Guin’s 2 minutes on screen. Look it’s cool that she was in it at all, I get that, but come on! She’s only in it behind the counter when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck show up to buy a ticket to Jersey. Still, I have to admit that even that two minutes made it worth seeing the film. She looks soooo cute in this section. Her sarcasm shines through and her cute little outfit is hilarious. If you can’t think of any reason to see Dogma, Guin’s appearance in it is the only reason you’ll need.