Dani & Alice – Guin Turner Workography

Dani & Alice -:- Actor
A compelling and honest film which chronicles the last five hours of a relationship. Starring Yolanda Ross, co-starring Guinevere Turner.

This short was written and directed by Roberta Marie Monroe, who also co-wrote “Happy Birthday” in 2008 with Julie Goldman. Alice & Dani is a “brilliant look into Black lesbian in domestic violent relationships. Roberta Munroe has created a world of both beauty and love. She juxtaposes this love with violence and sorrow. A candid viewpoint we can all learn from. Munroe also finds a way to give us an opportunity to witness a different kind of love. She described it on a website as a film about ‘our ability and inability to negotiate love’. Shot on 35mm Munroe uses lush color to reveal her characters emotions. Geary Mcleod lenses the women with care and expertise. This film stars the incredible Yolonda Ross giving one of the best performances of her career. Lisa Branch, the abuser, creates a world of jealousy, fear and love with a wonderful and believable performance. Co-stars lesbian icon, Guinevere Turner and Linda Husser.” synopsis by athinblackline via imdb

(Credited cast)
Yolonda Ross … Alice
Lisa Branch … Dani
Linda Husser … Nic, Bar Owner
Guinevere Turner … Olivia
David Connell … Father
Honey Labrador … Bartender