Rick & Steve – Guin Turner Workography

Rick & Steve -:- Voice Actor
A LEGO movie…. with gay men & lesbians…..
Although America’s gay sweethearts (Rick & Steve) and America’s lesbian sweethearts (Kirsten & Dana) do not get along at all, they decide to have a baby together. Steve is jealous that the lesbians prefer Rick’s sperm, so he comes up with an alternate plan – with the help of Pussy the cat.

Credited Cast:

Terence McFarland …. Rick (voice)
Christopher R. Joyce …. Steve (voice)
Misti Chamkunthod …. Dana (voice)
Adrienne Pearson …. Kirsten (voice)
Shaughn Buchholz …. Chuck (voice)
John-Scott Martinez …. Evan (voice)
Jessica Erker …. Pussy (voice)
RuPaul …. Daryl.com (as RuPaul Charles)
Guinevere Turner …. Echinacea

Runtime: 8 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

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