Preaching to the Perverted – Guin Turner Workography

Preaching to the Perverted -:- Actor
A fast-paced, no holds barred comic excursion into the exploding sexual underground of London…A young infiltrator, Peter, is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence for a private prosecution against fetish clubs in operation all over Britain, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. Peter is thrust into the sex-glamor-shock of these big fetish clubs and parties.

Preaching to the Perverted (1997)
Directed by Stuart Urban

Cast overview, first billed only:

Guinevere Turner …. Tanya Cheex
Christien Anholt …. Peter Emery
Tom Bell …. Henry Harding MP
Julie Graham (I) …. Eugenie
Georgina Hale …. Miss Wilderspin
Julian Wadham …. M’Learned Friend
Ricky Tomlinson …. Fibbin’ Gibbins
Roger Lloyd-Pack …. Mr. Cutts Watson
Sue Johnston …. Esmeralda
Don Henderson (II) …. Commander Cope
Imogen Bain …. Mrs. Cutts Watson
Edward Jewesbury …. Judge Yell
Angela Easterling …. Dog Owner
Ian Embleton …. Night Porter
Keith Allen (I) …. Milkman

Runtime: UK:100
Country: UK — Language: English
Color: Color — Certification: UK:18 / Brazil:18

Tracy’s thoughts on this movie
Okay, let me try and be diplomatic here. I’m a little confused as to this whole movies plot. I can see the honor in trying to be non-conformist and going against any kind of censorship however i think the movie is not highly representative of Guinevere’s obvious talent. She was good in the role of Tanya Cheex, very convincing and at times really funny, definitely stole the show even with some of the ‘showstopping’ routines within it.

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