Latin Boys Go to Hell – Guin Turner Workography

Latin Boys Go to Hell -:- Actor
Braulio loves Carlos, who loves working out almost as much as he loves having sex. Carlos wants to have sex with Justin who won’t admit that he’s gay or that he’s in love with Angel, who loves Andrea. And Andrea may be the next target of a vicious killer. If it sounds like a soap opera that’s because life imitates art; and the art that life imitates is steamy latin soap operas.

Latin Boys Go to Hell (1997)
Directed by Ela Troyano

Cast overview:
Irwin Ossa …. Justin Vega
John Bryant Davila …. Angel
Jenifer Lee Simard …. Andrea
Alexis Artiles …. Braulio
Mike Ruiz …. Carlos
Annie Iobst …. Monica
Dashia …. Jackie
Rebecca Sumner Burgos …. Luz
Umberto Gonzalez …. Rodrigo
Norma Maldonado …. Mrs. Vega
Reynier Molenaar …. Eduardo
Jehad Nga …. Sylvano
Steve …. Henry
Guinevere Turner …. Sombra
Yvonne Washington …. Gladys

Runtime: USA:86
Country: USA
Color: Color
Certification: USA:Unrated

Tracy’s thoughts on this movie
Don’t be fooled into thinking Guinevere is actually ‘in’ this movie for an extended period of time because of our pictures. She is actually only seen on screen for a short time and only through their television screen in the movie. It is worth trying to see though, for amongst other things the excellent scream which Guin lets out as ‘Sombra’ after finding out her twin sister is having an affair with her fiance!!!

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